Euro-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Partnership (HY-PA)


The main objective of the HY-PA project is to promote and stimulate the application of Renewable Energy and Hybrid Systems in Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) for the provision of sustainable energy services based on locally available resources and to support policy making activities in the field of Renewable Energies.

The HY-PA project will run from July 2005 to December 2006.

The HY-PA consortium comprises three competent actors from Europe (Germany, Greece, France), as well as four highly acknowledged organisations from Mediterranean Partner Countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia).

Within the HY-PA project, an information network of companies and institutions is initiated and a database of Mediterranean regional and local contact partners is created. This database provides EU industry partners with the opportunity to implement future co-operation activities and thereby provides the basis for an exploitation of EU experience in the field of policies, technologies, financial and regulatory promotion, market management and capacity building.

Results comprise the identification of future technical RTD requirements as well as socio-economic portraits of Mediterranean Partner Countries. A RE and hybrid penetration scenario will be developed for MPC and a Policy Agenda for enhanced implementation of RE and hybrid systems will be formulated.

Finally, the HY-PA project serves to support the European Commission with respect to the formulation of future INCO programmes. This project also adds strength to the Mediterranean Renewable Energy Programme (MEDREP) which was launched as a Type II energy initiative at the WSSD in Johannesburg.

The Euro-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Partnership is funded by the European Commission in the Sixth Framework Programme, Priority INCO-B 1-5 “Renewable energies for Mediterranean specific needs”.